Directed by Sonam LARCIN

Synopsis : To survive, David had to leave behind the man he loves. In order to obtain refugee status, he is now gonna have to speak for the first time about a difference he has always kept for himself.

Directed : Sonam LARCIN 

Cinematography : Axel Youri MEERNOUT


Editing : Louis ROUSSEAU

Color grading : Axel Youri MEERNOUT

Production : Médiadiffusion

2018, Belgium 
24 min 


Shot with Sony FS7M2 and Canon lenses

Trailer here

Festivals and awards list 





  • Festival Coupe-Circuit (Brussels, Belgium)

Official selection, October 5th to October 29th 2020;

  • Atlanta Film Festival (Atlanta, USA)

Official competition, September 19thth to September 27th 2020;

  • Entre largos y cortos de oriente (Margarita, Venezuela)

Official competition, June 25th to 28th 2020;

  • Festival du film d’action sociale (Nancy, France)

Rencontres documentaires, May 11th to 15th 2020;

  • Zinentiendo LGBTQI Film Festival (Zaragoza, Spain)

Official competition, April 16th to 21st 2020;

  • Bergamo Film Meeting (Milano, Italy)

Special Program, March 7th to 15th 2020;

  • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (Missoula, USA)

Official competition, February 14th to 23rd 2020;

  • OSCAR® Academy Awards (Los Angeles, USA)

Qualified, February 9th 2020.





  • Traces de vie (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Official competition, December 2nd to 8th 2019;

  • Queer Lemonade Short Films Night (Vienna, Austria)

Screening, 29th November 2019;

  • Les rencontres Audiovisuelles (Lille, France)

Screning, December 13th 2019 ;

  • Omovies (Napoli, Italy)

Official competition, November 21st to 23rd 2019;

Best Short Documentary Award;

  • La Otra Banqueta (La Reformita, Guatemala)

Official competition, November 11th to 20th 2019;

Best Short Documentary Award;

  • FanCineGay, the LBGT International Film Festival of Extremadura (Badajoz, Spain)

Official competition, November 9th to 17th 2019;

  • Queer Film Festival Playa Del Carmen (Playa Del Carmen, Mexico)

Official competition, November 8th to 14th 2019;

  • Leeds International Film Festival (Leeds, UK)

Official competition, November 6th to 21st 2019;

  • Aesthetica Short Film Festival (York, UK)

Official competition, November 6th to 10th 2019;

  • LesGaiCineMad (Madrid, Spain) ;

Official competition, October 30 to November 17th 2019;

  • DOK Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany)

International Programme, October 28th to November 3rd 2019;

  • Uppsala International Film Festival (Uppsala, Sweden)

International Docurama, 21st to 27th October 2019;

  • Binche Film Festival (Binche, Belgium)

Official Competition, October 18th to 19th 2019;

  • Perugia Social Film Festival (Perugia, Italy)

Official competition, October 5th to 13th 2019;

  • March on Washington Film Festival (Washington DC, USA)

Official competition, September 24th to 29th 2019;

Honorable Mention for Best Documentary Short;

  • Queer Lisboa – International Queer Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)

Official competition, September 20th to 28th 2019;

  • Odense Film Festival (Odense, Danemark)

Documentary competition, August 26th to September 1st 2019;

Best Short Documentary Award;

  • International Film Schools Festival (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Official competition, August 14th to 17th 2019;

  • Stockholm Pride (Stockholm, Sweden)

Screening, July 31st 2019;

  • Galway Film Fleadh (Galway, Ireland)

Official competition, July 9th to 14th 2019;

Best International Short Documentary Award;

  • Diverso Cinema International Film Fest LGBT (Bogota, Colombia)

Official competition, June 26th to 29th 2019;

  • Espacio Queer (La Plata, Argentina)

Official Competitio, June 24th to 29th 2019;

  • Sheffield Film Festival (Sheffield, UK)

Official competition, June 6th to 11th 2019;

  • FICU – Festival International de Cine Universitario (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Official competition, May 29th to 31st 2019;

  • Mostra Visible Alacant (Alicante, Spain)

Official competition, April 1st to 7th 2019;

  • Millenium Film Festival (Brussels, Belgium)

Belgian Panorama, March 22nd to 30th 2019;

  • Tampere Film Festival (Tampere, Finland)

Official competition, March 6th to 10th 2019;

  • Findecoin Film Festival (Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela)

Official Competition, February 25th to 27th 2019;

Best Documentary Short Film Award;

  • Zinegoak, International LGBT Festival of Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)

Official competition, February 18th to March 3d 2019;

  • Pinx Festival (Gent, Belgium)

Official competition, January 30th to February 3d 2019;

  • FIPA DOC, International Documentary Film Festival (Biarritz, France)

International Competition, January 22th to 27th 2019.




  • Le jour le plus court (Brussels, Belgium)

Screening, December 21st 2018;

  • Le jour le plus court (Mons, Belgium)

Screening, December 21st 2018;

  • Poitiers Film Festival (Poitiers, France)

Official competition, December 1st to 8th 2018;

  • Anglet International Film Festival (Anglet, France)

Official competition, November 16th to 18th 2018;

Genêt d’or – Best Film Award;

  • Pink Screens Festival (Brussels, Belgium)

Official competition, November 8th to 17th 2018;

  • Soirée des films d’Ateliers d’écoles (Brussels, Belgium)

Screening, November 8th 2018;

  • Festival dei Popoli (Florence, Italy)

International competition, November 3d to 10th 2018;

  • Film Fest Gent (Gent, Belgium)

Belgian Student Short Competition, October 9th to 19th 2018;

Best Belgian Student Short Award.