Directed by Andres CORNEJO PINTO

Synopsis : A copy of a city built completely underground called Eusapia is the starting point of an investigation, far away from home. The filmmaker simultaneously faces unexpected phone calls from his father who reports unfortunate news. The search for the grounds of the hidden city creates intimate encounters that merge into a common reality, raising questions about distance, home, and death.

Directed: Andres CORNEJO PINTO

Producion: Molly POUSSART

Cinematography : Axel Youri MEERNOUT

Direct Sound: Virgil JANS

Editing : Gaspard GARNIER, Andres CORNEJO PINTO

Sound Editing and Mixing: Sébastien LHEUREUX

Color grading : Axel Youri MEERNOUT

Production: Docnomads

Co-Production: Cavila – Patch Films

Support by: SABAM

2020, Belgium 
20 min 




Shot with Sony FS5mII and ZEISS Planar