Directed by Louis DE SOUSA

Synopsis : Five strangers carpool together. On the highway, one of them become sick and asks to stop. The others would like to help him but the circumstances make them not slow down.

With : Zoé Lejeune,  Jan Debski, Elias Vandenbroucke, Théo Rasquin, Raphaël Daem

Directed: Louis DE SOUSA

Cinematography: Axel Youri MEERNOUT

Assistant camera : Steve FRANCOIS

Gaffer: David GARCIA

Electricians : Julien LIZEN, Samuel CHOCTEAU

Sound : Rafaël Bekouche, Adrien Colin, Stephane Antippas

Dresser: Pauline FRYSON

Make up: Clara BAUDUIN

Editing: Louis DE SOUSA

Color grading: Axel Youri MEERNOUT


2019, Belgium 
15 min 

Shot with Arri Alexa mini and Optica Elite 

Capture d’écran 2020-11-18 à 17.40.38

Behind the scenes

Gum is an entirely behind closed car situation, on the highway. Before the shooting, we filmed with 8 cameras on 8 different perspectives : they were placed in 8 different axes, on the top of the car and they were shooting the highway. We used theses rushes to project them as the back projection to simulate a mouvement’s car.